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Unparalleled Depth of Coverage

  • Data-Driven Insights

    Robust research offering including deep-dives, sector thematic pieces, ongoing tracking of company metrics, coverage of long-term strategic initiatives, one-time events, and more

  • Proprietary Datasets

    We provide the most accurate granular data, drawn from various sources, cleaned and aggregated to help you identify opportunities and improve your decision-making

  • Custom Analysis

    Leverage our analyst team and expertise to fulfill deep-dives to answer your specific questions. Providing transparency into methodologies and analytical methods

How Companies Are Using det365

  • Market Share

    Analyze market share across all major channels including in-store, direct digital and 3P, delivered in real-time with visibility into category and geography

  • Competitive Intelligence

    Receive best in class insights on market dynamics, strategic initiatives, pricing, sales, and customer behavior

  • Customer Insights

    Understand how customer behaviors are shifting in your industry and how they are impacting your market share and performance

  • Investor Intelligence

    Get insights and research reports used every week by your largest shareholders to understand company performance

Sectors We Cover


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