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Which platform generates the highest average inventory turn for dealers?

  • Have a complete view of auto inventory for dealers in your market and identify what’s selling and for what prices

  • Monitor how many vehicles your competitors are selling, down to specific dealerships

  • See the rate at which inventory sells for dealers subscribed to different marketplaces

How many dealers are using financing and delivery products?

  • Understand how your deal ratings, product offerings, and inventory turn stacks up

  • Find out if dealers in your area are adopting new product offerings, like home delivery, so you don’t get left behind

  • Receive qualitative data from regularly conducted interviews with dealers

How much do listings overlap with dealers?

  • Monitor how many of your customers are listing on your competitors

  • Get ahead of shifts in market share so you can act accordingly

  • Follow subscription growth by platform and identify dealer movement from/to

How are dealer churn, retention, and re-subscription rates trending and how do they compare?

  • Track your dealer retention against your competitors

  • See gross dealer churn and add rates over time

  • Identify and flag inflections or meaningful churn

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